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Thermal Spray Zinc Coating

Advantages of Choosing Our Thermal Spray Zinc Coating:

  • Long-Term Durability: Proven to offer lasting protection against corrosion.
  • Versatility: Suitable for onsite applications with no limitations on the size of the project.
  • Safety: The process is cold, reducing the risk of hydrogen embrittlement and ensuring the structural integrity of the treated material.
  • Environmentally Friendly: Ideal for use even in alkaline conditions without compromising quality or efficacy.

Adherence to Standards:

Our thermal spray zinc coating services comply with recognized industry standards, including IS:5905, IS:6586, and IS:5493, guaranteeing that our processes meet the highest quality benchmarks for corrosion protection.

Mythri Metallizing offers state-of-the-art thermal spray zinc metallizing/coating services, designed to provide superior corrosion protection for iron and steel structures. Unlike traditional hot dip galvanizing, our thermal spray metallizing process uses zinc in its purest form, resulting in a clean, uncontaminated coating that delivers exceptional resistance to corrosion across a wide range of environments.

Why Thermal Spray Zinc Metallizing?

  • Superior Purity: Our thermal spray process ensures a zinc coating that is markedly purer than what is achievable through hot dip galvanizing, enhancing its protective properties.
  • Comprehensive Protection: Zinc metallizing forms a robust protective layer that excels in combating corrosion, making it ideal for structural steel works in chemical plants, cement plants, power plants, bridges, storage tanks, refineries, pipelines, and more.
  • Electrochemical Protection: The zinc coating provides sacrificial protection to steel, safeguarding it against corrosion even at cutting edges and breaks in the coating, thanks to the electrochemical bond between zinc and steel.

Trust Mythri Metallizing for Your Corrosion Protection Needs

At Mythri Metallizing, we are committed to providing cutting-edge corrosion protection solutions through our thermal spray zinc metallizing/coating services. Our dedication to quality, combined with advanced technology and a team of skilled professionals, ensures that your steel and iron structures receive the best possible defense against corrosion. Contact us today to learn how we can help extend the life of your projects with our superior coating solutions.